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Please share your stories of creative problem solving in diverse groups or give us feedback on the process. With your permission, we’ll make your comments available to others here.

What are your experiences with creating Multiracial Learning Communities in your own class or community?

"I teach an advanced corporate law course. I took what you and Lani did in that video on the race and gender co teaching and converted it into the most successful teaching I have ever done. It was the best course in 28 years of teaching. What the students got out of this class was how to ask questions. The skill they learned was to look through the other end of the telescope."
Jeff Bauman, Professor of Law, Georgetown
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"During the last few days … I've gotten a lot of [extremely positive] notes… from all types of people -- shy moderates, Federalists, progressives, African-American students, women. I've never gotten a response like this from a class, and I attribute the change entirely to the workshop. I felt like I learned so much about facilitating discussions, working with different learning styles, takings risks."

Heather Gerken, Assistant Professor, Harvard Law School
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